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Stable Rules Refresher

posted May 11, 2015, 10:15 AM by Karen Metz
From time to time it Is necessary to remind ourselves as boarders at CHS that we have all understood, acknowledged and signed the Stable Rules.  The rules have not changed and are in place for very specific reasons.  Safety and liability.   Liability insurance is a serious concern with any riding stable  and like every other jumping stable there are rules pertaining to jumping.  The jumps on the property of CHS are that, the property of CHS and not provided to boarders for their own personal use. They are equipment for training and are to only be used in a Riding Lesson.  Jump standards and poles are not community property.  Poles turn into a stacks of poles and then small xrails which are considered jumps.    The poles that have been designated for "trot poles" are not being used but the colored rails are being worn out and destroyed by such activity.  Should any boarder at CHS use the poles and or jumps it is considered breaking a rule.  The jumps take a lot of work to stay in good shape and look nice.  Painting them and purchasing new ones is time consuming and expensive.  The Rule policy states that if you break the rules on the 3 rd occasion that person will be asked to board elsewhere.  Please respect our Rules that each person that boarders here has already agreed to.   The Rule does not exempt anyone.